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We are dedicated to the research,
formulation and development of new therapies for illnesses for which
there is not a known cure.

Our scientific team has achieved revolutionary advances in immunonutrition that has derived in a series of products that could change the ways of today’s medicine.

Aim Light products are potent combinations of high quality and extremely pure enzymes, oligo-elements and vitamins that have produced unprecedented healing in patients with immune deficiencies and auto-immune diseases including but not limited to AIDS, cancer, hepatitis C, diabetes, the maintenance of healthy bones and joints and non-drug treatment of some mental illnesses.

Some characteristics of our products:

  • Orally administered capsules.
  • Completely non-invasive treatments.
  • Produce an increase in our own defense mechanisms and there are usually radical improvements during the first week.
  • All natural products with no side effects.
  • There is no interaction with any medication that the patient may be receiving.
  • The patient may continue with the standard treatment.
  • Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. under a strict quality control.
Our products are authorized for sale over the counter as a dietary supplement by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

Our products fall into the category of “Dietary Supplements” and for legal reasons we are unable to correlate them with any therapeutic action or to advertise any cures, however; that is not what the results show because we are seeing improvements in health that correspond to those of an advanced medicine and furthermore, these results are backed up by clinical studies. For all of these reasons we are faced with a series of challenges that leave us with many questions:

Are we face to face with the cure that everybody else is looking for?
Clinical studies and a long list of successfully treated patients seem to indicate so.

How do we come apart from the products that sell those “false hope” sellers that make money out of other people’s desperation?
This may be the most difficult to explain, but it could help the fact that for many years we have been treating for free the majority of the patients that come to us looking for help.  This has helped us develop an ever increasing database with their clinical histories and evolution from the moment they start with our treatment.

We keep blood tests and medical reports with overwhelming results. Many of our patients are willing to give evidence of their cases and to be interviewed and even though we respect their right to privacy, they ask to help us in any way they can to disclose our findings with the only hope that we could reach more people.

What would the lucrative industry of medicine think about our products?
We are aware that the popularization of our products could bring the drug industry to its knees leaving them without the possibility to sell expensive drugs and treatments that bring billions in revenues to both the manufacturers and the institutions that prescribe and administer them. For this reason we advance at a very slow pace, fighting skepticism with concrete data and working with volunteers that grow in number as the days pass and with no other publicity than the word of mouth of our previously treated patients and their families and friends.

We believe we have in our hands the key that will open the doors to drastic changes and advances in the medicine of this century.





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Aim Light ® Helps children and mothers with VIH/AIDS  who cannot afford our treatments. You can help too with your donation. Please contact us.